Would I Lie To You?

Dr Kilmers heart remedyLately, I’ve been debating whether to continue posting images on Facebook because it has become such a different animal. I don’t know… I suppose the shameless self-promotion aspects and the (not-so-) subtle commercialism underlying everything bugs me more than it should. However, it’s clear if you are not a content provider, you are prey.

Because I am learning how to be a writer, I consider myself to be in the content provider category. However, I have trouble ignoring the insecurities I have about my work. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s good practice to continue writing my little posts. Adding a dash of ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass’ should help me with my confidence. Who cares if I get the details wrong? I’m a novelist. I make things up occasionally…  (BTW, I’m 3/4 of the way thru my first novel. To my dismay, I have made every single newbie mistake possible. I suppose this post is just my most current one.)

“Would I Lie To You?” from “Be Yourself Tonight” by Eurythmics. Released 1985. Track 1.


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