Annie Liebowitz

Bruce Springsteen, photographed in Clichy, France, during his River Tour 2016 by Annie Leibovitz.

Annie Liebowitz took this photograph of Bruce Springsteen in Clichy, France, during his River Tour 2016. Currently, I’m reading Bruce’s memoir “Born to Run.” In it, he confessed he wanted to be one of the Beatles when he was a teenager. I wanted to be Annie Liebowitz.

The photographic portrait drew me in further than any other medium. This was the art I wanted to make. This was how I wanted to tell stories. This fascination with faces, with the stories they tell, with the shaping of them via our character and history, was my vehicle. I took a leap of faith when I vaulted into this site. I hoped by sharing the art I love I could share an essential part of myself.

I’m left trying to translate my attraction into words. It’s hard to do. Art criticism has always flummoxed me. The image is there. Don’t you see the deeper meaning? It’s simple. Look at it. Why spend 500 words describing something which is free just for looking? I’m not trying to be a critic. I am part poet, part sage, part neophyte, part teacher, part scribe. I scream into the void, “Just take a God Damned long LOOK! Would ya please?”

A Vanity Fair interview with Springsteen and review of his memoir can be found here:

Born to Run here:

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