Shout Outs

These people have been good to me.

The Hamburg Writer’s Group
Any writer who finds an encouraging group of authors willing to tag along and share the journey is blessed. I know I am. Below are the members of the HWG. My buddies. My Tribe. I encourage you to support them and their work. You are also welcome to join our Facebook Group. (We’re here: The Hamburg Writers’ Group.) We post publication updates and articles of interest.

Jim Miner

T.L. Sherwood

Nelson R. Locher

Shirley Palmerton

Mary Jo Hodge

Judi Piscitello

Debra J. O’Connor

Robin Arthur Jessup

Nancy Murphy Catanzaro

Lily Penn

Sandra McHugh

Christopher Cagney Cummings

We’ve published a couple anthologies of our work. Contact me if you’d like to purchase a copy. $5 each.








Matilda Butler was the first editor to accept one of my stories for publication. She helped me broaden and enrich the narrative and shape it into a better piece. Thank you Matilda, you taught me about professionalism and I learned how to launch a book by watching you. It’s a fact. We hit #3 in the Amazon Best Sellers List in the Writing Skills category and #16 in the Biographies & Memoirs list.


I caught a few of Denise Mills‘ on-line essays over on HuffPost and began following her. I loved her fresh take on relationships and her unwavering advocacy for women’s personal empowerment and connection. I was delighted when she accepted “The Tale Goes to the Survivor” for the Letters Anthology.

Chris Kuell, editor over at Breath & Shadow is wonderful to work with. I always enjoy flirting with him via email. He was an early publisher of my work and continues to support me as I develop. Chris Kuell has edited an anthology titled Dozen: The Best of Breath & Shadow. I downloaded my copy as soon as I heard about it, and I encourage you to purchase one for yourself. I’ve begun following several authors as a result of reading it.

Special thanks to Jack Fabian, Managing Editor at Door is a Jar Magazine, for deciding to include My First ‘Worst Year Ever’ in their fourth issue. He was the first editor who opened his acceptance letter with “I loved your submission.” WOW, way to make a girl feel special.

I celebrated when I got the news Lynn Brewer-Muse had chosen my story, Initiation, for the Cliterature PATRIARCHY issue. It’s an elegant journal, and I had my fingers crossed it would be accepted. I’m honored my story can stand amidst the other beautiful pieces she selected.

 My grateful thanks go out to Kelly McMasters and Keaton Ramjit at Hofstra University for their help in preparing The Tale Goes to the Survivor for publication. Their support and guidance helped elevate the story, adding to its levels and depth. It was a pleasure working with them. I couldn’t ask for better editors.

The Spoon Knife Anthology, edited by N.I. Nicholson and Michael Scott Monje, Jr. Two crusaders working for gender and neuro equality. Thanks for including The Longing in Spoon Knife One.

I didn’t know Houston had two airports, so I flew to the wrong one. A couple caught my attention while I waited for my Uber to redirect. Thanks to CL Bledsoe over at Dead Mule for accepting the little story I wrote about them. Unfortunately, it came out in September 2017. Houston I will eternally regret teasing you while you were in the midst of Hurricane Harvey.

Enduring thanks to Janine Pickett for publishing Spoons in the Indiana Voice Journal. Her support gave me the courage to let go of a memoir piece I feared was too personal.

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