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My name is Nina Fosati. You may wonder if I’m an artist or a writer. You probably can’t tell from my website. In real time the duality smacks against me, and I swing back and forth between the two, never quite comfortable calling myself either. Perhaps I’m a critic. Perhaps a teacher. Perhaps all I’m saying is take a look at this.

When I find images which startle, invite and intrigue, I want to investigate. But I’m not here to post academic expositions on the merits or significance of art. I am not a historian. I would like you to consider my posts as an invitation, a jumping off point for your explorations. The net makes it easier than it used to be. I remember combing through the stacks in fruitless searches for information in the mid-1970s. The hunt has improved.

There is a line I love from Bruce Springsteen’s song For You. It runs “that ragged, jagged melody; she still clings to me like a leech.” What a fantastic piece of art that is. Like many aspiring authors, I started out by using songs as the jumping-off point for my stories. It’s dismaying how many of us use the device when we first start out. It’s not surprising though. Lyric, melody, and environment combine, ever so elusively, to become forever joined with reflections on life. It’s a natural progression. What’s dismaying is the discovery we have not written the next great American short story, and no, The New Yorker is not waiting to snap up our masterpieces.

I have, however, written a few things which have been published on-line and in print anthologies. You can find out more about these by clicking on the “PUBLISHED” tab. I like peeling away the layers of truth contained in the stories people tell themselves. What do we hide from the world? What do we hide from ourselves? How is the truth different for each of us? I hope you find some of these elements in my stories and that they sing to you as well.

I’m not political. I’m not logical. I’m not a deep thinker. I feel, and I try to capture it in words. I post things here, on Facebook, and on Pinterest. Find them, follow them, like them. Mostly, I hope you enjoy them.

With love,

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