Blending the Image

I want to capture and describe a person’s presence and specific inner self. Similar to what a detailed writer might employ in their analysis of an individual, I portray not only the physical attributes, but more importantly the subject’s inner presence of life. It’s not too obvious as my work appears most detailed, but I understand my approach as both representational and lyrical, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs. All parts of a whole, telling a story about a human being. (- See more at:

I came across the above statement on Dirk Dzimirsky’s website. It’s part of his artist’s statement of purpose. It resonated with me because some of you have commented that I rely too heavily on images, that I should be using more words to express my thoughts.

Remember, I am learning how to write and am unsure of my abilities. For me images have always been primary. Finding an image to pair with my thoughts is like breathing to me. It is an essential part of who I am. As I build this site, as I create a presence on line, I will always seek to add image, word and music to my work. It is how I see the world. It is how I function. It is how I think. I cannot imagine one without the other.

I thank everyone for encouraging me to write. I am writing. I plan to post more words. I plan to post scenes from my book for your comment and review. I will also post essays and reflections on the marriage of lyric and memory. It is coming. But, you see, I have to finish the book. First things first. I remind myself, because thinking about the blog is fun and engrossing. I am spending too much of my time focusing on it and now, I am reluctantly making myself leave.

With my gratitude and thanks,

Today’s music selection is Hide And Seek from Speak for Yourself
by Imogen Heap. Released: 2005. Track 5.

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