Anna Nemoy

Photograph by Anna Nemoy (Xaomena Photography)

Portraits are my focus. I love studying the captivating variations. However, every once in a while something else will catch my eye and make me wanna go zigazig ah. Whether it’s sculpture, architecture, a still-life, an abstract, an installation, a woodcut, or an aerial photograph, if it smacked me in the face, it’s a contender for occasional placement here.

First up, the photographer Anna Nemoy (aka Xaomena Photography.) The startling simplicity of her beautiful compositions astounds me again and again. Her photographs are crystal clear, yet so painterly. The quality of the light she uses caresses each object. The glass shines, the ceramic is etched, the tablecloth is rough, the seed pods delicate and crispy. Such beautiful texture. While she offers several moods, I am especially fond of ones like this. Studio images reminiscent of still-life paintings from the 19th century.

In researching her, I wanted to say, “Damn, another artist hidden behind a cyber wall. Hundreds of photographs and no information available on her and her work. I’m not even confident she’s still working. The most recent posting I can find is from 2011.

For tons of her photos click here:

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  1. There is something so relaxing about looking at this picture. All you want to say is ahhhhhhh

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