Ladies in Blue

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share the beautiful images I’ve collected. Generally, I’m not a fan of compilation blogs because images often lack an attribution. Tracking down the artist or photographer can be time-consuming and frustrating, but I insist if you’re posting an image, you must do your best to let the reader know who created it. It’s also nice to have more than “here’s an image I like.” A title, an approximate date and little about the artist or the painting’s significance is appreciated.

I can’t manage to research and post a daily blog, I don’t have the desire, the time, or the focus. Say nothing of how irritating it would be to receive a daily email nudging folks to check out my website. But I might be able to post a daily image. Facebook and Pinterest are problematical though. Both have interface and analytics that hamper direct access. I’ve decided to try to post a daily favorite, loosely affiliated with a monthly theme, on Twitter (@NinaFosati). Ladies in Blue is my first full-month theme and today’s images — the Mid-Tone Blues — are taken from that series.

Here is a small selection of strong, charming, determined and assured women, each wrapped in blue. Consider the mid-tone blues, muted cousins to the royals. What feelings do the less exuberant blues evoke? Do they seem somber, sedate, or contemplative? I’ve posted a link below each painting that will take you to more information about either the artist or some aspect of the painting that I thought was interesting. I hope you like them as much as I do.

The Window Seat by Sir William Orpen, 1901

Notes from Sothebys’ “The Irish Sale” Catalog:

Vishnia by István (known as Etienne) Sándorfi, 1992

A selection of Etienne Sandora’s Best Works:


Hannah Fayerweather (Mrs. John Winthrop) by John Singleton Copley, 1773 (part of The MET collection)

The MET has this Copley painting in its collection. Learn more here:


The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose, 1911

Wiki’s biography of Guy Rose is here:


La Femme à l’Ombrelle (Woman with Umbrella) by Louis Anquetin, 1891

Sothebys’ has some catalog notes on this Louis Anquetin oil painting:


Cristina I, by Pietro Annigon, 1967

The Museo Pietro Annigoni has a biography on him:


“Portrait of Cristina di Lorena, Grand Duchess of Tuscany” by Scipione Pulzone (known as Il Gaetano)

Here’s an album of paintings of Marie de Medici:


“Marie Krøyer. Stenbjerg” by Peder Severin Krøyer, 1889

Here’s a Wiki article on P.S. Kroyer’s paintings of Marie. Hint: It’s one of many:

I’ll be developing a new theme each month. Remember to check out my twitter feed @NinaFosati for daily posts.

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