Ladies in Blue

September Theme: Ladies in Blue

What’s your favorite color? Is it blue? What kind of blue? Is it ice, cornflower, cerulean or azure? For me, I adore the deeper blues. The royal, midnight, sapphire, navy, and indigo blues that saturate our world. For September, I’ve gathered some of my favorite portraits. Take a look at these strong, charming, determined and assured women, each wrapped in blue.

I’ll be developing a new theme each month. Check out my twitter feed @NinaFosati for daily posts.

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova by Natan Altman, 1914 (part of The State Russian Museum collection)

The Window Seat by Sir William Orpen, 1901

Princesse de Broglie by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1851-3 (part of The MET collection)

Trui (Sweater) by Jantina Peperkamp

Vishnia by István (known as Etienne) Sándorfi, 1992

Wilma by Carel Willink, 1952

Hannah Fayerweather (Mrs. John Winthrop) by John Singleton Copley, 1773 (part of The MET collection)

Jane XXX, by Gerald Festus Kelly, 1930 (c) Royal Academy of Arts; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

The Green Parasol by Guy Orlando Rose, 1911

La Femme à l’Ombrelle (Woman with Umbrella) by Louis Anquetin, 1891

The Bridesmaid by James Jacques Joseph Tissot, 1883-85 (part of the Leeds Art Gallery collection)

Cristina I, by Pietro Annigon, 1967

“The Musician” by Tamara de Lempicka, 1929

“Portrét Dámy z Rodiny Patočků” (Portrait of a Lady from the Patočka Family) by Antonín Machek, 1835

“Self-Portrait” by Marie-Gabrielle Capet, ca.1783

“Art Does Belong” (Portrait of Fenella Kernebone) by Nick Stathopoulos, 2012

“La Belle en Bleu” by Gustave Jean Jacquet

Portrait of “Emilie Louise Flöge” by Gustav Klimt, 1902, Wien Museum collection, Vienna

“Le Robe Bleu” (The Blue Dress) by Auguste Toulmouche, 1872

Eva by Sergio Cerchi

From the Sunny South by Lee Lufkin Kaula

“Portrait of Cristina di Lorena, Grand Duchess of Tuscany” by Scipione Pulzone (known as Il Gaetano)

“Marie Krøyer. Stenbjerg” by Peder Severin Krøyer, 1889

“Portrait of Baronness Paul von Derwies by Alexandre Cabanel, 1871

“Portrait of a Lady” by Antoine Vestier, 1763



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