I’m beginning to understand


I’m beginning to understand what writers mean when they say they “put two characters together in a room and see what happens.” I put Marc in a room with Heather today and instead of recriminations and fighting, they ended up finding forgiveness and grace. Never saw that coming!

It feels rather magical.


PS: For your consideration, here’s the scene I wrote:

If Marc didn’t see the spark of sexual excitement and desire in a woman’s eyes soon, he was pretty sure he would self-immolate. He knew Heather was planning to spend Saturday afternoon working in the photography studio. She had mentioned her plans when he saw her at the radio station earlier in the week. He told himself it was a mistake to seek Heather out, but good idea or not, he decided to try to find her.

He wasn’t certain where the photography studio was, but he knew it was in Beckman Hall. As he walked down the long echoing hallway, he peered into each studio as he passed by. He could tell instantly what each was dedicated to, ceramics, metalwork, lithography, painting. He stepped into the suite designated for photography, and asked a heavyset guy with a scraggly beard if he’d seen Heather. The guy pointed to an alcove that lead to the hidden entrance to the still shot studio.

Marc knocked and entered the room. It reminded him of a professional photography studio. It was a large, windowless space equipped with hanging lights, umbrellas, diffusers and strobes on stands and trusses attached to the wall with an assortment of backdrops neatly rolled up like maps nestled against the ceiling. Heather stood, camera in hand, intently studying images projected on the wall. She looked up in surprise when Marc walked in, then smiled. “Hey, what are you doing here?” she asked.

Marc walked over and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. He could tell she was uncertain and a little wary. Grinning, he said, “Hi, I thought I’d come over and see how your show was coming along.”

“Oh, pretty good. I’m just taking a few more composite images to use as blenders. Once I get those processed and included, I think I’ll be just about done.”

“That’s great. Mind if I hang around for a bit? I’ll take you to lunch later if you like.”

“Sure, have a seat. I’ll be finished soon.”

Heather hesitantly returned to the task at hand. Having Marc watch her made her feel a bit off kilter, but she soon forgot about him as her absorption with creating transitions between the major sections of her piece took hold again.

There was an assortment of different style chairs and couches lining the perimeter of the studio. Marc sat on an ornate Victorian settee watching Heather, observing how she gradually lost awareness of his being there in her intense concentration on her task. Seeing her relax allowed him to relax as well. He started thinking about being with her, remembering how her long legs would wrap around him, hugging him tightly, her feet bouncing against his ass, urging him to quicken his pace. For a while, he allowed himself to get lost in remembering.

He was startled out of his reverie when Heather came over and sat next to him. Because he had been lost in thinking about them together, he flashed a wolfish grin, allowing his thoughts to shine through his smile. Heather’s eyes went wide with surprise and he saw them quickly travel down to his neck, his chest, his pelvis, noting his arousal. He saw remembrance and rekindled desire flash in her eyes. She quickly turned her head away, closing her eyes, clamping down on the fugitive thoughts. She was mortified she still carried those feelings around and could react so strongly to his physical presence. It wasn’t what she wanted. She had moved on. He had moved on. She needed it to stop.

She opened her eyes, Marc’s hand on her arm, his soft brown eyes dancing a foot away, his mustache emphasizing his beautiful smile, he leaned in to kiss her and she almost let him. But remembering her resolve, she took both hands and cupped his face, gently stopping him. “Marc, what are you doing?”

He cupped her chin, running his thumb along her lower lip, searching her eyes before saying simply, “I’m hunting down a memory.”

They sat there quietly, intently staring, lost in thoughts of a time when they’d been consumed by each other. Sighing, Heather gently removed his hand from her face, holding it close to her heart. Then giving a rueful smile she said, “Memories can be lovely, but that’s all they are, just memories.”

“I know, Babe. I know.”

“Marc, I’m sorry for how badly we were together, at the end.”

“I know, Babe, me too. Me too.”

He did kiss her then, tenderly, with grace and forgiveness, then gently rubbing noses and ending with eyes closed and foreheads pressed together. With that kiss, they started healing each other’s lingering hurts, soothing their anger and awkwardness. It turned them back towards friendship. It brought laughter and calmness back into their relationship. Finally, it allowed them both to move on.

Today’s music selection is Do You Believe in Magic from
Do You Believe in Magic by The Lovin’ Spoonful. Released: 1965.

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