Eva Besnyö

The title of this image is Narda, Amsterdam by Eva Besnyö, 1937. Wiki concisely states that Eva Besnyö was a Dutch-Hungarian photographer who participated in the Nieuwe Fotografie movement, which, to be honest, didn’t tell me much. I dug further and found that Dr. Marcus Bunyan over at ArtBlart.com has plenty of information and explanations. I recommend his essay regarding a 2012 retrospective at Jeu de Paume, Paris titled Eva Besnyö 1910-2003: The Sensuous Image.

If you follow this blog, you know I’m fascinated by self-portraits. Today, I’m introducing a subgenre I call the Mirror Image. Every photographer has taken some of these. They are a natural extension of the photographic eye. Self-portraits wherein the camera and a mirror image are part of the story. Here are a couple by Eva Besnyö that I like.

Self Portrait by Eva Besnyö,1932

Self Portrait by Eva Besnyö, No Date













Today’s List of Links

Wiki’s Biographical Information on Eva Besnyö

ArtBlart exhibition: ‘eva besnyö 1910-2003: the sensuous image’ at jeu de paume, paris 2012

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