David Agenjo

“Bejin” by David Agenjo, 2012

Raised in Madrid, David Agenjo currently works in London. Best known as a figurative artist, Agenjo’s works have recently taken a turn towards the abstract. While these are interesting, they aren’t as compelling as his work from the early 2010s. Today, I want to focus on two of my favorite paintings: Bejin from 2012 and Self-Analysis from 2011.

The inventive textures and color overlays, which typify Agenjo’s work, fascinate me. I invite you to take a close look at the paint layering the subject’s arms and face. They add a dreaminess to the figure. It’s solid yet not. The veins on the hands emphasize their importance. Is it a statement of how an artist transforms the physical into the mystic? Are the physical and metaphysical blending to form a constructed being? Whatever the underlying intent, I find the finished images stunning. I pulled the following text from his web page The words are an interesting academic take on his process:

For Agenjo, the process of painting is a long-term dialogue with the artwork itself; he gradually builds his compositions through the application of multiple translucent layers of paint, with blends and tones bringing added depth and light to his detailed depictions. Experimenting with different painting mediums, he combines traditional materials and processes with unusual textural devices such as plastic bags, grid tape, and the use of refused palette surfaces. Keeping a keen eye on textures, patterns, shades, and forms, his meticulous approach allows for a constant and ever-evolving experimentation which can ultimately change the course of the painting over months or even years.

“Self-Analysis” by David Agenjo, 2011

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