Daryl Gortner

I like when Daryl Gortner paints shiny objects. I find the hyper-realistic intensity she brings to the reflections fascinating. Take a look at today’s image titled Pretty in Pink. In it, a vintage pink teacup, complete with the most darling fluted saucer I’ve ever seen, sits on a checked marble table top. Simple right? But when we start focusing on the reflections, these uncomplicated elements captivate us.

I invite you to take a look at Daryl Gortner’s gallery. You will find she has a stack of favorite objects, which she brings into sharp focus time and again. Join me in marveling at colorful marbles collected in Mason jars, stacks of bright coffee cups, giant lollipops and candy apples wrapped in crinkling cellophane, vintage salt and pepper shakers taken from the local diner, and most recently, patent leather high-heel shoes snapping with hope and brio.

Here’s an excerpt from an interview Daryl Gortner gave to Kelly Bertrando in July 2015. It’s pretty cool to see an artist verbalize her process so succinctly.

“I am especially drawn to objects that both have intense color and offer the opportunity to paint reflections. Glass, metal, patent leather and plastic present fascinating mirrors of things around them. I get almost as much pleasure painting the ephemeral world of reflections as painting the still life objects themselves. If you look very carefully, you can almost see me in them.

In the paintings, I enlarge the object many times beyond actual size so that you can lose yourself in a gumball, or the shine on the heel of a shoe. Because of the amount of detail in my work, a single painting can take from one to three months to complete.”

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