Cornelis de Vos

“Portrait of the Artist with his wife, Suzanne Cock, and their Children” by Cornelis de Vos, 1634

Today’s image is by Cornelis de Vos. It’s titled “Portrait of the Artist with his wife, Suzanne Cock, and their Children,” 1634.

There’s something charming about this painting. A family gaggle, dressed in their finest clothing, strolls down an Amsterdam street. They are fashionable, but not ostentatious. There is no jewel encrusted finery, here, just down to earth folks. They are burghers, members of the new merchant class, quietly proclaiming their place in society.

I stole the following excerpt about Cornelis de Vos from the Hermitage in Amsterdam, Netherlands: “Leading Antwerp burghers with rather more conservative tastes (and less money) went to Cornelis de Vos (1584-1651), a productive history painter who made a career chiefly in portraiture. That De Vos followed the trends of the day is clear from a ‘snapshot’ portrait he made of his own family, an effect he doubtless learned from studying Rubens and Van Dyck.” (If you’re interested, far more information can be found here:

However, Wiki has a more straight-forward take on him:

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