Cindy Agan

“Riesling” by Cindy Agan, 2009

Some of you know I am fascinated by representations of glass. I am not alone in this. Every realist painter has painted (or will one day paint) those little glass spheres we call marbles. (Don’t believe me? Check, I dare you.) Marbles are popular and painted so often it has almost become a trope. Newbie writers use song lyrics in their stories thinking they’ve discovered the next great thing. Artists paint glass. It’s all part of learning your craft.

One relatively unknown artist has caught my eye. She is Cindy Agan, a self-taught Louisiana painter who works in a realistic style using watercolor, pastel, fluid acrylics, gouache and most recently oil. She favors a warm palette, applying numerous concentrated glazes to achieve the intense and vibrant colors characteristic of her work. This example from 2009 is called “Riesling,” and it is a watercolor.

Look how beautifully the light shines through the blue wine bottle and study the precision of her brushwork, especially in the wineglass. In fact, if I had a criticism, it would be that the image is a bit too precise, too perfect. The colors are glorious. The composition is dynamic. But is it ever so indescribably lifeless? (Silly Nina! That’s why they call it a STILL Life.)

No matter. I admire and appreciate the artist’s technique and sensibility. If I had a spare $1,100, I’d purchase it. (According to her website, it’s available.)

Be sure to take a look at her other still life paintings. I was impressed by several of them.

Today’s Musical Selection: “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves

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