Bertha Wegmann

Portrait of Swedish painter Jeanna Bauck by Bertha Wegmann, 1887

Let me introduce you to Bertha Wegmann (1846–1926), who was a Danish portrait and landscape painter. She painted this in 1877, and it depicts her good friend Jenna Bauck. Bertha Wegmann painted about 20 portraits of Bauck, whom she met when they both stayed in Munich in the 1860s. While I love the youthful exuberance of some of the earlier images, this one is my favorite.

The official title is “Portrait of the Swedish painter Jeanna Bauck,” but there’s nothing about Bauck’s profession included in the image. Instead, it tells us about her as a person and lets her authoritative attributes emerge. Her face is sensitive with serious eyes. She is dressed in a black suit with leather gloves, and a veil and feather studded hat. Wegmann portrays her friend with personality and character. I’d like to sit down for coffee and a chat.

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