Venetian Fashion circa 1530

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For today’s category, The Dress is Everything, let’s take a closer look at “Portrait of a Lady in a Green Dress” by Bartolomeo Veneto, 1530. First off, I’m not even certain I like the outfit, but our unknown lady is wearing the height of 1530s Venetian fashion. I cannot get over the sleeves. They are massive. Falling off the shoulder in puffed and pinched balls of roiling satin, then reducing to slashes, stuffed with beautiful embroidered white and green cotton lawn. On her head she wears a circular headpiece made of human hair decorated with blue and gold ribbon, suggesting she was a lady of considerable status. I wonder if having her left hand uncovered with no ring on the ring finger is indicating she is not yet married.

Only about 30 paintings attributed to Bartolomeo Veneto survive, of which, this is undoubtedly the best.The artist signed and dated the work on the cartellino, or tag, attached to the dark red curtain behind the subject. It was painted a year before his death.

Take a look at the images wiki has collected. If it weren’t for the similarities in the eyes, and the signature on the painting, I might wonder if the attribute was correct.

Today’s Music Selection: “The Galliard” by Sting & Edin Karamazov

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