Autumn Ladies

Red, gold, yellow, orange, mauve, rust, brown — I love fall colors. October has arrived and with it the ladies of autumn. Enjoy!

I post a new image each day on my Twitter feed (@NinaFosati), I always try to include a curated link to information about either the image or the artist.

“Autumn” by Winslow Homer 1877

“Portrait of Luise Morgan” by Konstantin Somov 1926

“Young Girl with Red Dress” by Gustave Jean Jacquet

“Froanna” (Portrait of the Artist’s Wife) by Wyndham Lewis 1937

“The Two Sisters” (Mesdemoiselles Chassériau) by Théodore Chasseriau 1843

“Portrait of Mary Louise McBride” (Mrs Homer Saint-Gaudens) by Louis Buisseret 1929 (© Arkas Sanat Merkezi)

“Lady Anne Campbell, Countess of Strafford” by Allan Ramsay 1743

“Mary Villiers, Lady Herbert of Shurland” by Sir Anthony van Dyck c1636

“Portrait of Anne Wortley, Later Lady Morton,” British School 17th century c1620

“Woman with Red Hair” by Albert Herter 1894

“Savonnerie de Bagnolet” Alphonse Mucha 1897

“Unraveller” by Louise C. Fenne 2014

“Her Thoughts They Hum” by Andrea Kowch 2014

“Diana Pass” by Will Wilson 1957

“Maria van Rysselberghe in Jersey” by Théo van Rysselberghe 1907

“La voix du diable” (The Voice of Evil) by Georges De Feure 1895

“Elisabeth mit Straussenfacher” by Georg Tappert c1926

“Autoportrait” by Suzanne Valadon 1927

“Self-Portrait” by Marion Fuchs 2012

“Maude Stettiner” by Pavek Tchelitchew 1931

“Retrato de Baby de Almeida” by Lasar Segall 1927

“Louise Hollandine, Princess Palatine” by Gerard van Honthorst 1650

“Mrs. John Biddle” (Eliza Falconer Bradish) by Thomas Sully 1818

“Portrait de femme à la robe orange” by Hyacinthe Rigaud 1710-25

Portrait of Comtesse de Vergennes in Turkish Attire by Antoine de Favray c1760

“Portrait of Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff” by Robert Lefèvre (1800-1805)

“Portrait of a Young Woman” by Tadeusz Styka 1930

“Melancholy” a self-portrait by Helene Knoop 2004

“The Players I” by Pam Hawkes 2012

“Portrait of Elizabeth Ker Schermerhorn” by Victor Karl Hammer 1941

“The Vegetable Market” by Petrus Van Schendel (1806-1870)

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