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Be Still by Elizabeth Gadd

Study this image titled Be Still by Elizabeth Gadd, who is a Canadian photographer based out of Vancouver. It’s haunting and beautiful. It speaks to me of loneliness and the search for inner stillness. Many of her images consist of a lone figure posed in the midst of a majestic landscape or eerie backdrop. (Many of them are also self-portraits.) Her best works evoke solitude, comfort in and confidence in the self.

Today’s List of Links*

Elizabeth Gadd’s official website (http://www.elizabethgadd.com/) opens to her portfolio page. Here you’ll see a bang smack gathering of images. (Yes, she does sell prints.)

Elizabeth Gadd’s blog (http://www.elizabethgadd.com/blog/)  If you click on her blog tab you’ll see an extensive post from May 2017 titled “An Icelandic Adventure: Round #2.” It’s a quick interesting read. I found the shots of the aura borealis particularly compelling.

Interview with phlearn magazine (https://phlearn.com/magazine/phlearn-interviews-elizabeth-gadd/)

This link will take you to a 2014 interview Ms. Gadd gave to Angela Butler for phlearn magazine. Click on the link for an extensive Q&A. There are several things I found noteworthy. For one, they talked about planning and raising funds for the trip to Iceland, which is the subject of the Icelandic Adventure blog post I listed previously. Many of Ms. Gadd’s best images are on this site. The larger format gives them more impact than on the official website. I also found the illustrations of the importance of post-processing to Ms. Gadd’s work illuminating. It makes me feel less like a cheat when I manipulate my images with Photoshop.

One small note: Interviews like this are the major reason I don’t go into extensive detail and explanation of the artists I highlight. Angela Butler has already laid it out for you. The information is readily available. My job is to say pay attention to this young artist. She’s making startling images and here’s where you can learn more.

*I’ve decided to post the full links in my posts, rather than embed them in text. This will add to the transparency. Here’s the link, decide for yourself if you want to click on it or copy and paste it into your browser.


The Encircling Embrace by Elizabeth Gadd, 2017



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