Caroline Jasper

“Late Night Empties” by Caroline Jasper, 1994

I remember taking cobalt blue Lowball glasses into the photography studio and trying to capture their translucency on black and white film. (I was using good old Tri-X, that reliable, mid-century staple of photojournalists and wanna be photogs everywhere.) At some point, this attraction twisted into studying how artists portray glass using paint. It feels like a strange juxtaposition, a physical oxymoron, using a solid (oil & pigment) to depict something transparent. Some artists capture the delicacy beautifully. Others crash through using shattering blues and grays to dramatize the image. “Late Night Empties” by Caroline Jasper, 1994, is one such painter. She smashed into my awareness back in 2006 with her bold viewpoint. I still find the image captivating.

To see examples of Caroline Jasper’s more recent impressionistic works click here.

Today’s Music Selection: “Dream Glasses Off” by Lisa Germano

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