Nina lives with her husband in Eden, which is aptly known as the “The Garden of Western New York.”

Her two flufftastic cats rule the house. The Honorable Cattington von Fluffypants is a majestic Maine Coon, and Squeaks is an affectionate tuxedo who routinely reminds Nina to take breaks by stretching across her keyboard.

In addition to her love of portraiture, historic clothing and costume, Nina has gotten a few short stories and memoir pieces published. A partial list is posted below. Thanks for reading.



Dirrty Gurl(z)

“Everyone knows what kind of skank you are.
Both you and your roommate!
Nasty bitches. Yeah, you better run.”

Lessons Learned

Persephone’s Daughters, Issue 7, Winter 2020

“My father would only tell the story once.”

A 2021 Pushcart Prize Nominee

The Crystal Suite:
Set Fire to the Rain,
Friendly Fire and
Burning Down the House

Fictive Dream, October 30, 2020

“Her companions ask about the fire. Erin shrugs.”

End of Summer at Potts Harbor

L’Éphémère Review, Issue 13: Dulcet

Cancer. How do you respond when someone says it’s a gift?

A Best of the Net 2020 Nominee

A L’Éphémère Review Best of 2019

Can’t Walk Away

Heartland Society of Women Writers, September 21, 2020
A HLWW Featured Author

“His closeness was a distraction.
Vickie shook the bangs out of her eyes
and focused on her task.”

I think in pictures

JMWW Journal, September 10, 2020

“I am masked a “well you wouldn’t know it” neurodivergent”

Feather Light

Halfway Down the Stairs, Together, September 2020

“It had been a raucous meal filled with hugs.
He’d hesitated at first, but now he was glad he went.”

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Nightingale & Sparrow, schoolhouse, Issue VII, August 2020

“The morning sunlight streamed through the windows
that lined the hallway. The slanted shadows fell
into chiaroscuro highlights on the scene.”

Los Desaparecidos

OyeDrum Magazine, Volume II, July 2020

“After more than thirty years of hiding,
it is the last of many shelters.
Soon I will leave, but not yet.”

How Desolate Was Its Abandonment

National Flash Fiction Day 2020

“They both know she’ll never see the security deposit.”

Originally published in Fictive Dream, August 2018

That’s the Way I Always Heard It Should Be

Stereo Stories, June 3, 2020

“My fear that the desperate longing for love
in my 15-year-old heart would one day trap me. “

Issue Six: Winter 2019
Proceeds from the print issue will be donated to the
Northwest Network for Bi, Trans, Lesbian, and Gay Survivors of Abuse

Only A Mother Could

Persephone’s Daughters, Issue 6,
Winter 2019: Domestic Violence

“They crouched on the floor,
turning themselves into little hillocks of boy;
arms and legs bent protectively
under their soft-shelled backs.”


Ellipsis Zine, March 18, 2020

A little allegory about a toy bunny who mistakes a girl for a faery.


Disabled Voices Anthology

Have you been through a life-changing experience?
Would you say you were transformed?
In this piece, I talk about how a brush with death
changed my outlook. And yes, part of me was transformed.
(Print, Ebook and Audible only)

Review by Margot Fedoruk in the Ormsby Review

Originally published in The Indiana Voice Journal, March 2016


Disabled Voices Anthology

Time condenses when you are in an aqua therapy pool.
Friendships heat up, bloom and wither in an hour.
Here are a few thoughts on the effect.
(Print, Ebook and Audible only)

Review by Margot Fedoruk in the Ormsby Review

Originally published in Breath & Shadow, Summer 2016

Honestly, It Put Me Right Off My Luncheon

2019 Pen 2 Paper Disability-Focused Creative Writing Competition, finalist

Some thoughts on attending an American Business Women’s luncheon.

Originally published in Homology Lit, January 2019

Naval Gaze

The Cabinet of Heed, Issue 26, November 2019

“Ma says we’re all God’s children, and I gotta protect him
after what he’s been through.”

The Ruby Threads in Your Hair

Cliterature, ANTHOLOGY, Volume 50, Winter 2018

A Christmas memory.


2018 Pen 2 Paper Disability-Focused Creative Writing Competition, finalist

I liked B-I-N-G-O. A stay in rehab sours the game for me.

Say a Little Prayer

Dappled Things, SS. Peter and Paul 2018

Spending two weeks away from home for surgery and rehab
gave me a lot to be grateful for.
(Print & Kindle only)

How Desolate Was Its Abandonment &
With her Fog and the Diamond Sky

Fictive Dream, August 31, 2018

A pair of linked flash about coping with grief in the aftermath of suicide.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

West Texas Literary Review, March 2018 Issue

There are many ways to grieve.
Some turn to faith, others take a different path.

The Things I Seen

Halfway Down the Stairs, December 2017,
The Spilt Milk Issue

“You know, I seen men die right in front of me.”
I lower my cup of coffee and stare over the rim into his eyes.

You Got to Throw the Little Ones Back

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, September 1, 2017

“Popa always said God will bless you for letting the little ones go.”

Sad Exchange

Breath & Shadow, Spring 2017, Volume 14, Issue 2

Loving a man on the Autism spectrum.

My First “Worst Year Ever”

Door is a Jar Magazine, Issue 4, April 2017

A girl, a puppy and a man in a suit.
(Print & Kindle only)


Cliterature, PATRIARCHY, Volume 43, Spring 2017

Every woman has an initiation story.

The Tale Goes to the Survivor

Windmill, the Hofstra Journal of Literature and Art,
The Identity Issue, 2017

Upon learning of the death of a former lover,
I contemplate how to tell our story.

The Longing

The Spoon Knife Anthology:
Thoughts on Compliance, Defiance, and Resistance

Be careful when you play with darkness.
The line dividing faith and fantasy is slippery.
(Print & Kindle only)

Semper Fi

Tales of Our Lives: Reflection Pond

I find an echo of my father’s music during a concert
by the Marine Corp Band.
(Kindle only)